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Greenland Seal Center

Great Greenland Seal Center,
The story about seal & Greenland.

The visitor center tells the history of the seal and man. In Greenland, you have lived with and of the seal for centuries, and it is the visitor center's goal to convey that story through both exhibitions and products.The story of the seals is Greenlands history and Great Greenland will make sure that the story is not forgotten.

Great Greenland handles skins from trading stations along the whole of Greenland's coast. From Ittoqqortoormiit in the East and Nanortalik in the South and up to Qaanaaq in the north.

The skins are shipped to Qaqortoq, where we tan and color the skins so that we get the most beautiful skins possible. Some of the skins are eventually converted into products in the sewing room and are sold here in Qaqortoq and at Great Greenland's other dealers all over the world.

Great Greenland is the world's leader in tanning seal skin.

In a few years, the goal is to be completely free from chemicals in the tanning process.

Great Greenland's Greenlandic lambskin is already tanned organic.

The sewing studio was opened in 1982, and it is based on modern sewing techniques. At the same time, production is still based on principles that have been present in the Greenlandic culture for centuries.

Mon-Fri 09-16.
And open to cruise ships when arriving to port. 

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Aviaja Holm Jensen
Tel: +299 64 71 23