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Ulloriaq Slippers, Natural




Cosy slippers in natural sealskin with a nice silverfox trim. Lined with polar fleece. A perfect slipper for the cold seasons.

NB: ALL natural sealskins are different in colour and spots/rings.

Sizes measured in cm from heel to toe:
35: 23cm, 36: 23,6cm, 37: 24,3cm, 38: 24,8cm, 39: 25,6cm, 40: 26,4cm, 41: 27,7cm, 42:28,4cm, 43: 29cm, 44: 29,8cm, 45: 30,7cm, 46:31,3cm, 47: 32cm, 48: 32,5cm.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. The B2B service number is:
DK+45 23 29 93 42 or email: info@great-greenland.gl