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Pacifier String in Sealskin - Pink

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Pacifier String in Sealskin, Many Colors

Pacifier string made of sealskin with safety approved buckle. We have many colors - choose your favorite color. The pacifier ring is made in medical silicone. Suitable for all kinds of pacifiers as it can be stretched and adapt to the pacifier head. The string can also be used to hold rattles and other toys on the stroller, car seat or other places. It is made of Greenlandic sealskin. (Remaining skins from other productions, 100% sustainable product) The String meets the law's requirement of not more than 22 cm. no loose and sharp parts and nickel free.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. The B2B service number is:
DK+45 23 29 93 42 or email: info@great-greenland.gl